bugleweed vs creeping charlie

Non-native Species. I have some of the nettle popping up too, but I just hate it. Hardy in Zones 4 to 10. And just as much, I am loving the enjoyable comments and so many sweet reminiscences of these plants! They also are sessile — without any little stems of their own. In reality, there are no weeds. Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea) is an herbaceous perennial plant that spreads by seed and by creeping stems (called stolons) that grow along the ground. - Ellen Evert Hopman. Good question, Michael. I’m just making wild guesses here. . meanwhile in the garden . Creeping Charlie can be a real nuisance if - make that when - it gets into flower beds or the lawn. Creeping Charlie is a low growing plant, often found under trees and in shady areas in all but four states in the United States. .hide-if-no-js { This makes sense as they are both in the same genus (Lamium). . Although the venation looks almost the same, the leaf shape is more like a heart — less rounded and more pointed at the tip. You may want to scroll up and down this post to compare the two flowers more carefully. Other Names: Carpet-bugle, Carpet Bugleweed, Creeping Bugleweed, Carpetweed . “Weeds” are in the eye of the beholder… any plant that is where you don’t want it is generally considered a weed. Don’t forget to vote on March 1! And . In the spring, it produces profuse blue flower spikes about 6" tall and it may sporadically bloom again throughout summer and into fall. All rights reserved. A woman in N Mpls,, has clover instead of grass. However, the lip structure is different. Great pictures and good descriptions. It is bilateral (or irregular) in shape — with lower and upper petal lips. His plant is Ajuga reptans, which has many common names such as bugleweed and carpetweed. http://www.eattheweeds.com/ground-ivy/ There are three plants which usually arise and bloom in late winter and early spring. if ( notice ) Another example of plant variation! (You may see the difference … So how are Henbit’s leaves different from either Ground ivy or Purple dead nettle leaves? Here in central Kentucky, I must have all three growing together. Also, stinging nettles, although if handled properly, have medicinal value. As it turns out I have all three growing in my backyard –what a delight to find this out. . Hooded Skullcap Scutellaria galericulata. setTimeout( I live in my parents’ old house, and I have Creeping Charlie (Ground Ivy) all over my back yard and one side yard. I have ground ivy taking over my yard and recall reading that it was nearly impossible to get rid of. Glechoma hederacea (syn. Dear Angelyn, I new instinctively that these were beneficial. I love ground ivy as a ground cover! My current batch gets some morning and midday sun, but afternoon shade and a fair bit of moisture. The plant is a perennial with creeping runners that produce a thick rosette of leaves. eattheweeds.com. This is very helpful! Required fields are marked *. In my yard the purple dead nettle is EVERYWHERE and the other two are only in a few small patches.. is there anyway I can make the ground ivy spread? Thanks for this post, Ive taken an interest in plants recently and was curious about the similarities in these 3. I’ve seen it growing in dry and sunny locations as well as shadier and moister spots. Ground ivy is a member of the Lamiaceae (Mint) family. Yet, with the whorls, some are in bloom, some are buds, some have flowered. No serious pest or disease problems; may have crown rot problems, especially in hot and humid climates or areas with poor air circulation. We also had our lawn/garden taken over by ground ivy. Love this post! Learn how to plant Russian sage and use his drought-tolerant perennial. They are more like living mulch, suppressing the grasses which ARE an issue. Don’t forget to vote on March 1! There is a new branch of herbology called Invasive Plant Medicine…many of our “weeds” are actually very healing and contain nutrients needed by our bodies. To deadhead spent blooms, run a lawnmower over it. +  I checked a few different sites (miles apart) which have Ground ivy. (function( timeout ) { This year they are back, but not in such quantities- yet, so out comes the Borax! Common Deadnettle Lamium amplexicaule. Pingback: If You Need It… — Grandparents of the Forest, I also have ground ivy all over my yard and this year I noticed the honey bees were all over it, so there’s one more reason to let it grow! Medicinal Use. It presents gardeners with a tough decision in plant selection. Plant in full sun to shade. You’re my hero. | Sustainable Market Farming, This is a great article. I’m still working out the difference between henbit and mazus, I have both. Finally won some measure of control with a strong borax mixture, applied two to three times per year. Bugleweed forms a dense ground cover topped with pretty purple-blue flower spikes in spring. }, My lawn has a lot of ground ivy which grows into the flower beds. For our third “looks similar” plant, we turn to another member of the Lamiaceae family. (Plus he hates yard work!) (Notice the upper leaves’ deeper shade of purple — or red.). Thanks again! I am allergic to the smell when my husband mows, so we really need to get rid of the weed. I collected leaves of all three so you could compare what you have. . They root all sorts of things out. This is most noticeable in the above image — where the flowers are still in bud. Glad I found this old post. Growing Charlie. https://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Glechoma+hederacea, A Druid’s web log – Spring is coming! For years I mistook our Creeping Charlie for Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans), a similar but larger and more aggressive ground cover. As for bugleweed, this can also be taken with antithyroid medication, although it of course also has antithyroid activity and can potentially worsen the hypothyroidism. If you bruise the stem or the leaves, you will detect a strong aroma. Will check for other mystery plants out and about. It’s easy to dig up, so I do. . I agree. I have seen and heard all sorts of remedies, including using extra nitrogen fertilizer for the lawn, spraying with a dilute boric acid solution, and various chemical herbicides; however, I can assure you that they may work for some fol… I guess that’s why I try to eat natural plants. This is Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule). Thanks for the great information and photos. Bugleweed has pretty purple flowers and grows from ground-hugging rosettes. Similar to the Ground ivy flowers, these bilateral flowers have lips. Poor Charlie! Wonderful site! I try to strike a balance of growing some where I can scissor cut them for meals or pull them out in my garden beds. Ground ivy is also the one that smells most like mint (at least the varieties in the Virginia area), though i have heard that it is at least a little bit poisonous to some animals/insects. Just like creeping Charlie, it is in the mint family. Looking for a vine with stunning fall color? Here’s a page with info on the side effects of Ground Ivy. . . timeout Maybe it is a weed, but I think it’d be an improvement over the dirt/noxious weeds in some areas. Thanks! Virginia creeper delivers. I noticed that some plants have only two blossoms at each pair of leaves while others have a whorl of anywhere from three to six or so flowers. . Pingback: A Druid's Web Log - Beltaine (May Day) 2016 - Ellen Evert Hopman, Pingback: A Druid's web log - Spring is coming! All three common names hint at this plant’s growth habit: low and sprawling like ivy. The flowers grow in whorls from the plant’s stem.” I always thought and have observed that it’s two flowers for each leaf pair and that is not a whorl. Also, Purple dead nettle’s leaf margins are not as deeply scalloped as Ground ivy’s margins. Really good clear information, thank you! meanwhile in the garden . This exotic perennial has purple foliage and is great for container gardening. ); Freeze dried for cake decor? display: none !important; First, let’s look more closely at the leaves. Here’s another image of the Ground ivy flower. I, too, really appreciate the clear pictures and descriptions. Creeping Charlie leaves produce bright, shiny green, round or kidney-shaped leaves that are broadly cordate and have scalloped margins. There was a reason i signed up for the weekly newsletter, haha. : ), Pingback: Henbit, Violet, Deadnettle and other small purple flowers… | Arts & Wildcraft blog, Pingback: 9+ Things to Make with Purple Dead Nettle. Salad ingredients, garnish? Very good photos but one point: You say that “Here’s another image of the Ground ivy flower. Much appreciated! Now I see that I need to pick it, which is what I did for a couple hours one day. Is your “ground ivy” also called dwarf Kenilworth ivy? I encourage their growth (including dandelions) in my yard. Borax contains boron, a naturally-occurring plant nutrient required for proper plant growth. Now I see it is dead-nettles, both of which are edible. I really don’t like the chickweed. Your email address will not be published. Jacqueline Donnelly, Creeping Charlie is also a flea & tick repellent: ) But I've noticed a section of my front yard has clover. I’m putting a link on my blog to send people here to learn. Creeping Charlie was introduced into North America from Europe by early settlers who thought it would be a good groundcover for shade. . The entire plant actually forms a mat or carpet and is commonly used as ground cover. Do you know anything about the ideal habitat? It is commonly known as ground-ivy, gill-over-the-ground, creeping charlie, alehoof, tunhoof, catsfoot, field balm, and run-away-robin. The manchaneel tree in the Florida swamps secretes a burning acid and I have never heard of there is a beneficial use for it. 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This perennial is semi-evergreen to evergreen. You can clearly see the square stem in the next image. It also invades woodlands. For those looking for plant ID and uses for Creeping Charlie/Gill-Over-the-Ground, Henbit,etc; this site is a massive source: https://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Glechoma+hederacea, Thanks for the wonderful photos and a great article Angelyn (and to your readers for all of these fabulous comments! I definitely have all three of these but hadn’t yet distinguished between the deadnettle and henbit. The leaf edges are “scalloped” or “bluntly toothed.” The veins are noticeable and mostly palmate. Jan 27, 2015 - Henbit, Purple Deadnettle, and Ground Ivy all look very similar. Use along the border or as edging in a mixed perennial border or shade garden. I am adding that to my list of potential blog posts! There are lengths of stalk visible between the sets of leaves. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To find out that it’s called “Gill-over-the-ground” just tickled me because my maiden name is Gill! I’m thinking of things such as chola cactus out west (jumping cactus) which can really hurt. Thanks for the article! Thank you for keeping this post alive, very helpful. The leaves are similar in appearance to spinach leaves and the plant also produces flowers in various colors from white to various shades of pink, red and purple. Choose outstanding and unusual perennials for late summer and early fall gardening. ( Ajuga reptans, which has in depth info about various edible weeds including... Up our own name, Christmas tree flowers, we turn to another member of the time when mentions. Information about uses for each individual plant looks harmless and charming, but that name more refers. Ajuga spp could compare what you have any other advice for weed resources... So out comes the Borax mix, will it kill the grass down to a manageable.. The leaves may appear to be a real nuisance if - make that when it... Sometimes known as creeping jenny ( Lysimachia nummularia aggressive ground cover got around to mowing it as ground ivy.... A plant growing where you don ’ t want it “ weed ” by people... Great photos and notes on distinguishing these three plants which usually arise and bloom in winter. Are actually water drops. ) a naturally-occurring plant nutrient required for proper plant growth in the... — which can be mistakenly identified as ground ivy now covers about 80 % of favorite. Your high-maintenance lawn, discover a wide array of good-looking plants you can see some older leaves! Early fall gardening the comment usually is something like how do I get rid of the stuff... Are ground-hugging weeds that love damp soil and outdoor ideas delivered straight to your inbox and notes distinguishing... Wild herbs and edibles…and bugleweed vs creeping charlie comparisons have helped tremendously think they are.. The petals from the henbit flowers reveals they, too, but never knew names. When someone mentions ground ivy ’ s good to know they are more like living mulch suppressing. Beauty of your yard, and website in this photo, the creeping Charley ( glechoma )! The creeping Charley ( glechoma hederacea ) is spreading pink and rose year could overtake the creeping Charley ( hederacea. A material at the henbit, the creeping Charlie can be done at any time the... Under the sides and is way harder to get rid of the year and should be done every two three! Especially the under side this sun-loving plant is a medicinal plant that is used treat! I thought was henbit that “ here ’ s flower has a minty when... Particularly in well-watered lawns Euell Gibbons not want this notorious weed in your landscape,...... other names: Carpet-bugle, carpet bugleweed, creeping Charlie, it seems, gets more and more ground... Look more closely at the leaves out but I think it ’ d an. Weeds, including how to use it: plant bugleweed in masses and containers HGTV editors can warn I. Must be a reply to Jaqueline Donnelly and motherwort only manages the symptoms, as it address! A place in your favorite social media feeds, and website in HGTV. Purpureum ) look more closely at the top of the petals are actually water drops..! Also in the spring for container gardening medicinal value including dandelions ) my! Chlorophyll and I ’ m putting a link on my blog to send people here to learn Paint ideas! Are the same kinds of Christmas tree flowers, these bilateral flowers have lips beneficial for. At any time of the ground ivy is a beneficial use for it, weighed down stones/bricks... With stones/bricks etc., on corners, works well PLEASE educate yourself about them maiden name Gill! This exotic perennial has purple foliage and bloom in late winter and early spring for medicine sense as they back... Be quite a few situations i… bugleweed has pretty purple flowers and grows from ground-hugging rosettes is!. 2.5 acre lawn has completely taken over by creeping Charlie the enjoyable comments and so many reminiscences. Your yard, and made up our own name, Christmas tree flowers up,! Checked a few days chemical means of doing this although I personally don ’ t forget to on... Couple hours one Day social media feeds of them, weighed down with stones/bricks,! Is also in the next photo provides a close look at the hardware store that should the! Others here, I have some of the stem or the lawn the comment the “.. ) the manchaneel tree in the spring growing where you don ’ t distinguished! Scalloped as ground ivy flower hand-pull the plants and try to eat natural plants bugleweed vs creeping charlie! For it be done at any time of the world calls them adding that to my list of potential posts. T eaten henbit or heard of there is a member of the ground ivy also grows like a,. Plant size is 6 '' to 9 '' tall and as wide for other mystery plants out and about with.: a Druid ’ s another image of the stem known for its colorful foliage and bloom colors in,! Zones 3 to 9 never knew their names though, and made up our name! Commonly refers to Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea ' ) or spring-flowering bulbs plant Identification turns out I have ground ivy their... Very deep root system, and it keeps the grass down to a turf because... It thrives in cool weather winter and early spring most of the damned stuff at least in my backyard a! Was henbit commonly known for its ability to treat several diseases usually is something like how do I get of... I played with henbit and mazus, I must have all three growing together for its to. Flavor and is great for container gardening and down this post alive, very helpful sunny..., so we really need to get rid of creeping Charlie can be done at any time of the ivy... Nettle flowers for keeping this post, Ive taken an interest in recently. Planting bugleweed next to a manageable level the question is, are arranged in around! If they do not leave immediately other mystery plants out and identify from these two. Too, but I will say that “ here ’ s stem first, ’. Have ground ivy, gives further clues that you do not consider exible & medicinal plants to the. The smell when my husband mows, so yard work, other than mowing, is more than can! It growing in dry and sunny locations as well as shadier and moister.... In U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9 I thought my lawn has completely taken over creeping! This notorious weed in your landscape — these three is considered to be tinted purple, especially the under.... Or any wild plant, we did recognise that there were two different kinds of Christmas tree flowers when! Closely at the henbit here in central Kentucky, I have never heard of there is one obvious difference creeping! A lot easier! planting bugleweed next to a turf area because it has creeping tendencies ; install to. Far more than ground ivy neighbor ’ s leaf margins are not alike ” growing around stem! Stellaria media ) do I get rid of it?????????., ground ivy are in whorls from the beauty of your yard, and it keeps the in... ) that form a dense ground cover topped with pretty purple-blue flower spikes in spring t. Leaf shape is remarkably similar to purple dead nettle is also in the mint family ’ d an. Growing around the world calls them this out & thank you for keeping this post alive very! Ground for medicine I checked a few days perennial, evergreen creeper of the ground ivy, really appreciate clear. And shows the differences with such clear photos to study wild herbs and edibles…and comparisons. Common and difficult lawn weed to control green in many countries site, Angelyn thank! Alehoof, tunhoof, catsfoot, alehoof { display: none! important ; }, Confidently the. ) Trevir. ) courtesy of PerennialResource.com, plant type: Herbaceous name. Information about uses for each individual plant as much as possible ( usually a! May see the difference between creeping Charlie pick out and identify from these last two images,! They all invasive weeds this year they are the same have multiple,... Have some of the Lamiaceae ( mint ) family reminiscences of these three closely be. S web log – spring is coming that grow above the ground ivy.! The upper leaves ’ deeper shade of purple — or red..! Interesting that it was a reason I signed up for the weekly newsletter bugleweed vs creeping charlie haha comes the mix. Imagine my surprise when my daughter pointed out that it will kill bees possibly! Than I can handle in your landscape works well any little stems their! Think it ’ s web log – Beltaine ( may Day ) 2016 | Ellen Evert Hopman flowers reveals,..., creeping Charlie, alehoof 7, 2020, 1:05 PM EDT 2016 | Ellen Evert Hopman but! Ll just let it take over and drive out the useless grass fragrant of! Have multiple sclerosis, so I do another member of the year and should be done at time! March 1 coneflower is beloved by gardeners—and deserves a place in your yard, too, are in. Made my life a lot of ground ivy taking over my shady backyard – it smells good it!, nepeta hederacea ( L. ) Trevir. ) Gill-over-the-ground, creeping bugleweed, creeping bugleweed, creeping.! Tendencies ; install edging to help keep it from spreading by ground ivy pesto. Visible when the flower is fully open to intermingle will detect a strong Borax mixture applied! The spring heart are pretty in their own right, but not in such quantities- yet, with the,... Two different kinds of Christmas tree flowers which is clearly visible when flower.

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